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Interior Environment Monitoring & Navigation

More recently we have been looking at developing new solutions in the fields of navigation and interior environment monitoring. The related pilot projects we have worked on so far show very promising results and we are now pushing these new ideas forward.

One such idea has a lot to do with interior monitoring. In a nutshell, what we have in mind here is a standalone system that is capable of keeping track of changes and fluctuations of temperature, light conditions, humidity and motion.

Our initial conception is that this solution can be of great use, among other businesses, for hotels with several floors and rooms; keeping track of the actual fluctuation of the above mentioned environmental conditions can make room maintenance more efficient (motion sensor – is the room vacant for cleaning?), can detect windows left open (temperature sensor) or lights left on (light sensor) or extreme changes in humidity. This project involves the design and development of sensor equipment, user interface for desktop and mobile, and the system running the whole show, of course.

Along with the monitoring system we will be offering interior navigation systems as well. If we stick with the hotel example, while the monitoring system is a useful tool for businesses, the navigation system is intended as an ehnanced service for guests.

Finding your way inside large buildings using an online  navigation user interface is just so much easier, isn’t it? And this is just the basic idea and we don’t even know yet how far or deep this solution can go. Speaking of which, if you think your business may need a system like this, or you have a system even just vaguely similar to what’s described above in mind, please do get in touch with us and let’s devise together what’s best for you.